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Before meeting with David I had never even held a gun before. He very quickly calmed my nerves and showed me the importance of self defense. David is an excellent teacher. He is patient, knowledgeable and great at making you feel comfortable. My husband and I have recommended him so much to people that we put our own CPL class together with a group family and friends. Weather you are very experienced with guns or none at all he’s the guy you need to see!

Very fun and exciting class! Dave is very knowledgeable about guns and gun safety. He is also very talented on teaching about different techniques for using guns and give you a wide range of circumstances in which one may be used. So much more than a ccw class. Highly recommended for any and all skill levels and ages. You walk away with confidence and more importantly knowledge of gun safety. 5 out of 5 stars

I would recommend using Helios for any firearms training. I had a 2 hour training with my sister and her 2 teenage daughters. David was very thorough and very patient with all of us. I learned how to shoot without anxiety and even hit the target multiple times. He showed me that guns are not scary when used the right way. I will be using Helios for my CPL certification very soon.

It had been a long time since I held a firearm. I needed to learn from an expert. David is knowledgable, observant, focused, precise and patient. He provided detailed instruction, safety guidelines, follow up and incredible results. I highly recommend David's course to firearm users, new and old.


David is an excellent instructor that has a passion for what he teaches and that is reflected in his class. After the class I not only felt confident in the materials covered but also in safely using a gun. I would highly recommend taking his class. The small class size helps to ensure that everyone is following along and understanding the content. He is very interactive and makes the content relatable. Don’t hesitate to sign up it was the best experience I could imagine for this class.

David from Helios Consulting and Training was very helpful and respectful when providing gun safety training to my wife and I. I grew up in a family in which guns were not a priority. BB guns and a 22 caliber rifle is all that I was exposed to. It took a while for me to get comfortable firing a 9mm hand gun, but David exercised patience and had the utmost respect while teaching me the basics. I highly recommend Helios Consulting and Training to everyone. Not comfortable being around guns like I was? No problem, David will work with you. In today’s chaotic world, I truly believe it’s imperative to protect yourself and your family by exercising your 2nd Amendment right. Be a WISE and RESPONSIBLE citizen, get the proper training and instruction when dealing with any and all firearms.

David is outstanding in his ability to teach, and he has incredible knowledge. He has taught me a lot!!! If you are looking for a great CPL class.... THIS IS IT!!!

David possesses the rare quality of being both a master at his craft and a master educator. His depth of knowledge and experience are incredible yet he makes even the most inexperienced client feel valued, listened to and confident. Definitely would recommend for the whole family.

I highly recommend David Fernandez. He was very through in teaching my family and myself practical, self and home defense skills. My kids got the bonus class how to survive in the woods. David’s training was very valuable and highly applicable - especially when walking through the shopping mall parking lot.  Be empowered-take his course. 

Minesh B.

Many years ago I got my CPL because I knew it was important. I left with a certificate and book knowledge but did not feel confident to carry or shoot. I met David and trained with him one on one in all his different classes and have found great confidence and skill from his instructions. He is very patient, knowledgeable and engaging. He is an incredible teacher and was able to help me in all areas of firearm training including the mental and emotional processing that comes with the responsibility of carrying and owning a firearm. I highly recommend his training! Since working with me I have engaged our entire family in training with David for personal safety and defense. He is very good with kids and teaching them safety first and then proper handling and firing. My family has gained much confidence from our classes with David.

Jessica P.

As somebody who was always fearful of guns, I would avoid them at all cost. Even after my husband encouraged me to get a handgun, I resisted for years. However, after meeting with David, I feel 100% confident and empowered on how to protect myself and my family should the situation arise. He was patient, understanding and very thorough to explain all the details of safety, self-defense and protection. Very highly recommend meeting with him!!!

David is a Professional! coming from a law enforcement and firearms safety/training background Ive seen a lot of "trainers" that mean well but have very little practical knowledge for their students. David sets himself apart from the pack!

I highly recommend training with David. He’s a great teacher and makes any given task easy to understand. My skills have significantly improved with his help. He maintains a calm and collectedness that helps me relax and stay focused. l’m much more confident in training now than I used to be!

As a person who was unfamiliar with and intimidated by using any weapons and handguns, I knew I needed to find a highly-skilled and competent instructor who’s patient with a person who’s totally “clueless”. I know there are many instructors out there but I needed someone to create a very specific, individualized and family-friendly firearms safety program to teach my children ages 12 and 17 along with my husband and I. I don’t know many places that will ever do that. I appreciated David’s calm, positive and excellent instructional feedback during our class that helped to feel more competent and confident. I was very impressed with his ability to be very patient with my children. Lastly, Helios consulting services was invaluable as David helped us determined which handguns to purchase that would be best and appropriate for our needs rather than me trying to buy something based on educated guesses and most likely something unsuitable for me. His valuable knowledge and expertise saved me from wasting time, money and headaches trying to “figure it out”. I highly recommend Helios Consulting and Training.

My family and I, had the best experience with David! Before taking this class as a family, we didn’t feel comfortable with our firearms. He taught us so much about the safety of firearms before we even went to the range. His main priority was making sure we were safe, and comfortable before shooting. He took extra time with our family just to make sure we were getting the very best out of our class. David was also very knowledgeable, and passionate about everything he was teaching us. I was super impressed with his patience and ability to educate our 10 year old. I would recommend Helios Consulting and training for all of your firearm needs! Thank you for boosting our families confidence! We will be back!

What an incredible experience. David was patient, thorough, and professional at every step of the process. I would recommend this trainer, curriculum, and experience to everyone! I feel so much better equipped to help protect myself, my family, and my community if ever called upon. Amazing instruction.